5 Dollar T-Shirt Deal

Does the sound of a nice printed Gildan Ultra Cotton T-shirt for $5.00 sound good to you?  If so, read on...

We are running a special through Friday, July 7th that gives you the option of two setups of any one design and for this sale it does not matter if you are a governmental/church group/non-profit/regular business/family reunion organizer, etc.:

  • Both sides of a shirt printed in any one of our available colors, meaning that you can have a left chest and full back (Deal One).
  • One side of a shirt printed in three colors (Deal Two).  Pictured is a four color shirt but you get the idea.
  • No screen fees for either setup.

If you are a fire service customer, click here for our regular link to single-color T-shirts to see some designs that we have drawn up that would not incur any art charges.

Color options for the shirt are here.

The strings?

  • 24 shirt minimum.
  • Depending on the complexity of your graphic, you may or may not have an art charge.  Graphics should be as clean as possible.  $25.00 is the average for a medium-complexity graphic.  If the shirt is designable in less than fifteen minutes, we normally don't charge for the art.
  • Sizes 2XL-5XL are available.  Let us know how many of those that you want.  We add the difference that those shirts cost us over the price of the standard shirt to your bill.  No more.
  • Taxes apply for deliveries in NC.
  • Shipping will be added to your bill if needed.
  • See the spec sheet here for colors and sizing info.

So how do I get started?

  • Send us your graphic via e-mail to lifesastitch@yadtel.net.
  • Let us know the quantities you need of each size shirt as well as the color shirt you would like to print.  As long as we aren't having to change ink colors, we can print different color shirts.
  • Let us know your preferred ink colors.
  • With all of that information we'll generate a proof for you.
  • Call in and pay.
  • We ship the shirts/have them ready for pick-up within two weeks.
  • You get your shirts knowing you paid about half of most online print houses for the same quality stuff from a small family-run business.