Brag Page

Welcome to the brag page for Life's a Stitch/LAS First Response!
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We have posted numerous photos here that have been mostly supplied to us by our customers or taken on delivery.
Here's a whole pile of brass!  We're a full-line dealer for Irvin Hahn and
we assisted Healing Springs Fire Department in getting collar brass, name plates,
service tabs, and badges for the entire department.  This was the last chunk of
a complete ensemble of dress shirts, ties, belts, patches, and dress pants that we supplied to the department.  We appreciate the business and learned a lot in adding these new products to the list of items that we can provide.
Sandhills Community College Fire Academy
Repeat purchase by the Sandhills Community College Fire Academy.  LAS First Response
provided each student with at least one Pacific Hewadwear 101C baseball cap, three screen printed t-shirts, one Cornerstone CS626 job shirt, two pair of SSC 3001 pants, one CP91L fleece-lined acrylic beanie, one CS414 cotton tactical polo, and two pair of Sport-Tek shorts.
Jeff Kirkman Award
This is a plaque for a great recently retired coworker of one of the owners.  We wish
him the best in his retirement!
Pacific 404M spec hat with 3D-embroidery for Mocksville Fire Department.
Piney Grove Fire Rescue in Forsyth County has taken deliver of
a multitude of Game Sportswear job shirts.  They leaned towards this item
thanks to years of service given by a previous purchase from the
Game family of items.  This item included patches embroidered in two locations, Velcro patch sewn on one sleeve, and PGFR embroidered on the back of the
garment.  Toss in numerous dress shirts for staff as well.  We appreciate the
repeat business, folks!
Ranger Fire Department in Cherokee County took delivery of a large
order of Game job shirts.  With names embroidered on each piece, flags embroidered on one sleeve, patch embroidered on the other, and a full left chest emblem, this
was a special job.  We appreciate the business, the feedback, as well as the
references in the area that have lead us to other customers!
The Davie County Fire Marshal's Office has taken deliver of shirts (screened and embroidered), jackets, hats, beanies, and traffic vests to equip their new organization.
Thanks to Davie County EMS for allowing us to supply everyone with several
iterations of working uniform shirts, hats, beanies, and command staff wear.
Congratulations on the recent AHA award for cardiovascular work, by the way!
Thanks to Green Creek Fire Rescue for the purchase of a number of
Charles River Apparel jackets.  Like all of our ANSI-3 items, these are
eligible for the NC Fire and Rescue grants and this jacket has great
feedback from the field.
Rutherfordton is one of many agencies in Rutherford County that has
worked with us recently for screen printed and embroidered items.
Thanks to Buck Shoals Volunteer Fire Department in Yadkin County, NC
for the purchase of 30 Charles River Apparel Signal Hi-Viz jackets from us
complete with right/left chest embroidery and reflective departmental
name on the back.  We're happy to help with NC Fire Grant purchases like this one!
This will be our third agency in Yadkin County that we have
fully equipped with this jacket (Yadkinville PD, Lone Hickey VFD).
Here are 10 mesh-back Flexfit caps ready to go out to a new customer from the
South Atlantic Fire and Rescue Expo.
Congratulations to the new couple and thanks for the photos of our cake topper!

Thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of the McDowell County, NC
Sheriff's Office for the recent order of our Cornerstone Snag-Free Tactical
Polo Shirts and New Era Baseball Caps!
This is the second batch of jackets that we've sent to the
Notre Dame High School Ladies Lacrosse team.
Thanks so much for the repeat business in 2016!