New Tools in the Toolbox...

We've added badges, brass, and patches to our list of items that we can help you with.

Our brass offerings include a stash of badge options, collar devices, service tabs, name plates, rank insignia, cover devices, commendation bars, and a slew of other items.  Reach out to us for a quote.  If you have a badge that you like we can assist in sourcing it for you!

Lead times on non-stock items (badges, name plates, service tabs) can be as long as two months so please plan accordingly if you have an upcoming event that you are trying to get the department ready for.  For badges that you are attempting to replicate, shoot us a photo of the badge with a ruler alongside to assist in determining the size.  Let us know the quantity and we'll take it from there.

Need patches for your dress uniforms or for members to trade when they travel?  We can help with that as well from design to procurement.  We can start with your idea and update it to fit the evolution that your agency has gone through or we can start from scratch.  General minimum order is 50 units.  Significant price breaks apply as you order more and we suggest orders starting at 100 units.

If you would like to simply copy a patch that you already have, you can send us dimensions with artwork or the actual patch itself and we'll take it from there.