Accountability Tag Set with no Hardware

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We now offer laser-engraved anodized-aluminum accountability tags.

These tags come in a set of two, tags only.  See our other listing for a set that includes the trigger-snap hardware and split rings to allow for attaching to a helmet or SCBA.

Know at a glance what the folks from your department are capable of and in the event of the unthinkable, you will have somewhere to start on the fireground for treating them and contacting their families.

Tell your mutual aid departments what you personnel are capable of on arrival with text on the tag. Marry these with our command board and you can assign teams without the need to scribble down everyone’s name for assignments.  Have their radio number close at hand as well.

See video here.

These are light-weight and can be color coded for your interior firefighters, exterior-only firefighters, or juniors/explorers.  We suggest green for interior-qualified firefighters, red for exterior-only firefighters, and blue for juniors.  Black, gold, and purple are available as well.  Being metallic and visible from the rear, they clink together and let you know who isn't playing well on scene by not checking in with command or staging.

We can take care of a bulk order for an entire department at a reduced price.  This offering is designed for customer-supplied hardware.  This makes replacements for changes in qualifications easy and economical.

We can also produce these for application to first responder bags or other items that need a good easy-to-read marking.