Engraved Event Mug

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This is a special gift for that special person who has made a positive impact on a family, a company, a team or an organization. What better way to show your appreciation than to give that person something to remember you all from as he or she enjoys a frosty beverage?  Perfect for anniversary or retirement celebrations, or any other major milestone or accomplishment!

You supply a high-quality 300-dpi scan of signatures and we engrave them on the glass. A template will be sent to show you the area that can be signed and make it easy for everyone to stay within the borders to make the mug look the best that it can. You can supply a simple black and white image to be engraved or we can put a monogram and a message from the crowd on one side.

Engraving is limited to the round upper half of the barrel.

Item details:
-20 oz. Handled Mug
-Dishwasher safe - the engraving is permanent!