Woodworking Maker's Mark Medallions
Set of 25

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  • $ 15.00

Send us a clear image of what you would like if one of our options doesn't meet your needs. If you need a signature, send it in this option. Prefer a .PNG or .PDF but a high-resolution JPEG will do.

These are 1" round laser engraved markers that identify the shop that a woodworking item was produced and provide a neat and professional appearance for marking. They can be completely customized or you can change basic items such as the date or shop owner. Mounting on your project is easy - drill a one inch hole with a Forstner bit and glue the button in. Finish any way you like. These are roughly 1/4" thick and can easily be thinned with a belt sander or hand plane.  Each order consists of 25 buttons of one design and one wood type.

The wood examples shown are:

  • Baltic birch plywood on top row,
  • Walnut on the second,
  • Hard maple for the bottom.

If you are interested in a different variety of wood, please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate your preference.